MAP and POP access


This feature is available for Google Apps for Business and Education customers. Administrators can select a global POP and IMAP access ability for all users in a domain.

  1. Sign in to the Google Apps administrator control panel.
    The URL is, where primary-domain-nameis the domain name you used to sign up for Google Apps.
  2. Click the Settings tab and then select Email in the left column.
  3. Under POP and IMAP Access, select or clear the check box for Disable POP and IMAP access for all users in the domain.

If you select the check box, POP and IMAP are fully disabled for all users in your domain.

  • Users cannot access POP and IMAP settings in the Gmail interface.
  • Users cannot access their mail via POP or IMAP even if they originally had it on.
  • Users cannot access or search mail via Google Desktop (which uses POP).

If you clear the check box, POP is enabled for your users, but IMAP remains disabled.

  • POP access is automatically turned on for your users.
  • Users need to enable IMAP in the Gmail settings under Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

Note: It may take 15-30 minutes for global IMAP and POP changes to take effect.

As long as the box is cleared, users can configure POP and IMAP access for a host of clients.