Gmail Signatures


Your users can create their own email signature that's inserted at the bottom of every message they send. This might be a bit of personalized text, such as their contact information or a favorite quote.

Can I enable automatic signatures for all users?

It depends on your edition of Google Apps.

Can my users use rich text, graphics, or HTML in their signatures?

Yes. Users can now customize their Gmail signatures with the same formatting toolbar they use to compose messages in Gmail. They can go to Settings > General to insert images or hyperlinks, add colored or bolded text, and much more.

Can my users create multiple signatures?

In some cases. Users can create only one signature per email address. However, if they add multiple email addresses to their Gmail account via Settings > Accounts, they can create a unique signature for each From address (using the Signature drop-down menu on the Settings > General tab).

Additionally, if you enable Gmail Labs for your domain, people can use the Canned Responses Lab to save and send common messages (each containing a different signature).

For example, to use one signature within their company and a different signature externally, users can create two different Canned Responses. They then use the Canned responses drop-down on theCompose Mail form to insert the appropriate signature, as shown below.

Canned Responses Image