Add the Coupons page to provide your users with coupons and special offers for your products and services. 

Why add this feature?

Promote your store and attract new customers by offering coupons and special deals. 

To add the Coupons page to your app:

1. Log in to your MyPotteryApp dashboard at 
2. Click Manage at the top of the page.
3. Click % Coupons tab.
4. Click Add Coupon to create a new one or choose to hide, edit, or delete an existing Coupon. 



5. Select a Coupon type:


  • Discount: Select this coupon type to give users a discount off the original price of the item. The discount can be percent based or a fixed cost amount. 

  • Buy & Get: Select this coupon type to offer users a free item when they make a purchase (e.g. buy 4 and get 1 free).

  • Custom Offer: Select this coupon type to create a custom coupon it to fit any special offer.

6. Enter the deal highlights information: 

  • Enter a Deal Title.

  • Add a Brief Description with more details on the offer.

  • Add Disclaimer information to let users know if there are any limitations on the use of the coupon.

7. Add a coupon image.
a)Click  in the Image section, and browse to the image.

b) Use the drag-n-crop tool to adjust the image.

c) Click OK.

8. Enter the Savings information. The available options are based on the Coupon Type you selected in step 7:

  • Discount Coupon Type

    a) Select your Currency.

    b) Enter the Original Price.

    c) Select if the Discount is a set dollar amount or a percentage, and enter the set cost or discount amount.

    d) The New Price is automatically calculated based on the information provided in the Original Price and Discount fields. 

    e) Select how to display your deal.

Buy & Get Coupon Type:

​a) Enter the number of items the user needs to purchase in order to be eligible for the coupon in the Buy field.

b) Enter the number of items the user will receive for free based on their purchase in the &Getfield.  

​c) The Display Deal as image is automatically generated based on the information you entered in the Buy and &Get fields. 

Custom Offer Coupon Type: Enter your coupon details in the Deal Details section.

9. Click on the Valid from and Until calendars and select the date range that your coupon will be valid. 

10 . Either select Always Open, or select Limited Hours and enter the following information:

a) Click in the From and Until time sections to define specific hours of the day that the coupon is valid.

b) Click on the days of the week to  to define specific days that the coupon is valid (click on a day again to deselect it), or select Apply to all days.

c) Click Add

11. (Optional) Enter any additional information in Deal Details. 

12. When finished editing, click "Add Coupon" . 

Here are screen shots of various configured coupons: