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            Removing a Office365 account without deleting mailbox

            Instructions to save mailboxes before deactivating account
            1a.) Go to Exchange Admin from Office Admin Panel. (click Show All on left pane of Admin Panel to expand options). And then Go to mailboxes in Exchange Admin panel.
            2.) Select name of user to be deactivated and on right panel select 'Convert to Shared Mailbox'
            3.) Once mailbox is shared, double click on user to configure more option. (User may have been moved to Shared Mailboxes tab if you don't see in Mailboxes tab)
            4.) In configuring User select mailbox delegation, and input user that will need access to mailbox later ( is the default used unless specified by Melissa or other admin)
                  4a.) Usually Full Access and Send As are both configured.
            5.) Go back to normal Admin Panel and select users. Change password and document, Go to licenses and apps to uncheck license to remove.

            This completes the removal of License but keeping of mailbox.

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